The Plan

Our Schools Now is an initiative to give Utah voters the opportunity to participate in the critical questions of how we are to invest in the continued improvement of our schools. This initiative would allow Utahns to vote on a ballot measure to increase the state income tax and invest the increase in educational performance improvement.

Our Schools Now:

  • Calls for a less than 1/2 of 1 percent (.45%) increase to the state sales tax and a less than 1/2 of 1 percent increase (.45%) to the state personal income tax, which would total $700 million
  • Provides each Utah school nearly $1000 per enrolled student
  • Requires all funding to be spent in ways that increase student learning
  • Distributes:
    • 85% to K-12 education
    • 15% to higher education
  • Improves student learning by awarding money once school goals are reached
  • Empowers local communities to make funding decisions that are best for students of that area
  • Prepares students for tomorrow’s world by providing a high-quality education

Reasons to Support

img_0144Greater Funding, Greater Outcomes

Right now, Utah students are learning with fewer resources than ever. Because of past budget decisions, schools are operating with $1.2 billion less, this year alone. This results in burdensome classroom sizes, stagnant student learning and most importantly, reduced opportunities for our children. Our Schools Now makes an investment in Utah kids today in order provide an exceptional education our students need for the future.

img_0264Economic Sustainability

Utah has worked tirelessly to recover from the Great Recession. However, the economy is at great risk without a properly funded education infrastructure. Utah businesses, both large and small, are in real need of a highly skilled and highly trained workforce. Our Schools Now means students will have opportunities for economic prosperity, allowing them to support their future families.

img_0325Local Control

It’s no question who can make the best decision for children when it comes to education: parents. Our Schools Now empowers parents to be involved in their student’s education by keeping this new funding at the school level. Teachers, parents, and local education officials will work together in finding truly beneficial ways to spend these dollars.

img_0356Performance Improvement

In order to improve student performance in Utah, funding must be tied to innovation. Our Schools Now stresses innovation by linking increased funding to student success. Each school will put forward an annual improvement plan for academic progress approved by local districts. By emphasizing innovation, students will receive a better education.