“I don’t believe we can become the nation’s No. 1 education state while we are last in the nation in education spending.”   I personally fully agree with our citizens who believe that education is the most important issue facing our state.   Excellent education, I believe, forms the … Read More

Greater investments in public education not only allow for kids to succeed, but also result in remarkable benefits to Utah’s economy and way of life, according to a new study from the Alliance for Excellent Education. As you can tell, raising Utah’s graduation rate by just 5 percent for the Class … Read More

Here’s the multimillion-dollar question for Utah: Can we achieve education greatness while spending the fewest dollars per student in the country? Several top Utah CEOs don’t see how. In an op-ed for the Deseret News published earlier this week, CEO Lew Cramer wrote, “It strains credulity to think that we … Read More

Depending on where they are located, the needs of Utah schools vary greatly. A small school in rural Utah might not suffer from overcrowded classrooms, but does require increased funding for teacher salaries in order to recruit and retain top talent. On the other hand, dozens of schools along the … Read More

It’s time to proudly invest in Utah teachers and students. For years, Utah has ranked last in the nation for per-student spending. Some even seem to wear this as a badge of honor. But why would anyone want to proudly wear this badge, considering we have: A serious teacher shortage, … Read More

Take the #WhyISigned Challenge!

There are so many reasons to support increased education funding in our state, and we want to know yours! Because Utah is 51st in the nation when it comes to per-student funding, we are compiling a list of 51 reasons to sign our petition. So starting this week, use the hashtag … Read More

Our Schools Now is proud to be supported by business leaders and economic development organizations across Utah. Last week, Theresa Foxley, President & CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah) blogged about why business development organizations are behind our ballot initiative to improve school funding 100%. Theresa writes: “Why would … Read More

  United Way of Salt Lake Endorses Our Schools Now SALT LAKE CITY (August 10, 2017) Today, United Way of Salt Lake’s Board of Directors endorsed the Our Schools Now initiative, which brings significant investment to local schools to improve student achievement throughout Utah. “While every child possesses great potential, … Read More

Progress Report

In just a few months, Our Schools Now has grown into a large, grassroots movement that is sweeping the state! We want to share with you a short progress report on what we have accomplished in the last few months and where we will go from here: This is incredible progress, but … Read More

Our Final Initiative

Dear Friend, Following 14 public hearings throughout Utah, Our Schools Now has amended the Teacher and Student Success Act, finalizing the initiative that will appear before voters in November 2018. There are two notable changes that I want you to be familiar with: Increases to the income and sales tax … Read More