More research is telling us what we already know: insufficient investments in education continue to limit student potential in Utah. It is unfortunately still the case that per-student K-12 education funding remains below pre-recession levels, even after seven years of economic expansion in Utah, according to the report. In fact, … Read More

Why Our Schools Now? Student Outcomes in Utah Are Unacceptable The mission of Our Schools Now is simple: improve education for all Utah students. Of course, everyone is for enhancing the education of our young people. But to fully understand the reason for Our Schools Now, one must first understand the tremendous extent … Read More

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Blog Post: Alan Hall

Alan Hall: More Funding Means More Learning Below is an op-ed from Alan Hall, a renowned Utah businessman, that recently appeared in the Deseret News.  In my community of Roy, we take tremendous pride being home to the Roy High Royals. Generations have grown up here, and likewise, generations have … Read More