Who Is Our Schools Now?

Our Schools Now is a ballot initiative born out of concerns for our children’s quality of education in an ever-increasing competitive world. Now more than ever, a high-quality education is necessary for individual opportunity and statewide prosperity. Our Schools Now is supported by numerous prominent business, civic, and education leaders who understand that additional investment in education will prepare our people and our state for the future.

Which schools will benefit from Our Schools Now?

Public education, including charter schools, applied technology colleges, and higher education institutions will receive funds, based on student enrollment. 85 percent of the money will be directed to K-12 students.

How will the money be spent?

Our Schools Now believes that parents, teachers, and local education leaders are most qualified to determine how to allocate these funds. Individual schools, in coordination with the local district, will be able to appropriate where they see fit for specific educational purposes. These funds cannot be spent for construction on new or existing facilities.

When can I sign my support for the initiative?

Signatures will begin to be collected in 2017. Please commit your support here to stay in communication with the campaign for regular updates.

How can I help?

To become involved and support Utah students, please click here.