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vote for 1 on
november 6, 2018

Parents, this is an s.o.s.

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, it’s time to put our kids first. Tragically, more than half of Utah students are not proficient in math, science, and English, and they’re falling further behind each year. As voters, we’re the ones that can help. Please vote for Question #1 this fall!


At school, teachers have the biggest impact on student learning. But with almost half of new teachers leaving the teaching profession in their first five years, kids in Utah are struggling to succeed. Additional classroom funding through Question #1 would allow schools to invest in teachers to improve student achievement.
Utah teacher salaries are the 6th lowest in the nation, while our student-to-teacher ratio is the 3rd highest. This puts an enormous strain on our kids, who do not receive the individual help they need, and schools, who cannot recruit and retain classroom teachers. Investing in these ways are shown to increase student achievement and without greater investment, these challenges facing Utah kids will only become worse.

Each Utah K-12 school would receive approximately $150 per-student each year. Click the link below to see how your child’s school will benefit from Question 1.

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Because each school has its own unique challenges, individual schools will determine how to best invest the new funds. Each local school board will create a framework guiding the use of funds, and schools would submit their plan to their board detailing how the new funding will improve student achievement.

This innovative approach has proven successful in Utah, and empowers those who interact with our kids on a daily basis to determine where the greatest, most meaningful impacts can be made. The usage of these funds will not be dictated by a state or national body, but by local schools.

Funding must be used inside the classroom to improve teacher success and student achievement. Many schools will decide to increase teacher compensation, while others might prioritize managing class sizes. Schools could also choose to hire additional teachers and classroom aides, provide professional development, expand early learning opportunities or enhance technology.

Schools can only choose to use the funding in ways that improve student achievement. Funds cannot be used for building costs or district administration.

Through a 10 cent increase in the gas tax, Question #1 would only cost the average Utah driver approximately $4 per month. This will increase direct classroom funding by more than $100 million to local schools in Utah to put our kids first.

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